I am particularly interested in the ability of the human mind, heart, and body to respond to the world and learn through experience. It was once thought that the human brain was hard-wired in childhood and therefore the possibility of learning new skills or changing old habits was almost impossible in adulthood. In recent years, innovations in the field of neuroscience have proven that every human being has the capacity to develop new strengths and learn new ways of interacting with the world at any stage of life. The human brain is adaptable; new neurons can be created and pathways for new learning happen during every unique experience. This means that regardless of the limitations surrounding a person, there is room for growth and life enrichment. This optimal learning, however, will often only happen when the conditions are right. For example, if a plant doesn't get enough sunlight, water, or nutrient rich soil, it won't thrive. When people have been stuck in the same set of problems, sometimes it requires changing the conditions in order to allow new possibilities for growth. Counselling and psychotherapy can provide a rich environment for learning and growth. Counselling offers a unique experience where emotional and psychological learning is intensified through the focus that both the therapist and the client bring to the work. Both people work to help the client learn, grow, and experiment with new strategies for coping and thriving; oftentimes this learning might include making space for the deeper wisdom of the heart, or setting goals and challenging the old habits that prevent follow through. Therapy requires commitment and work to produce results, however, the entire human system (including the mind, brain, body, heart, and soul) has evolved to adapt and change. This fact supports the client in every step they take towards personal evolution.